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Learning with archery is more difficult than most sports. With many sports (basketball, soccer, fencing, etc.), in the initial stages, the student learns one or two skills and practices them.  Then other skills are added until all skills are learned. These are the basic units of these sports.

With archery, there is a steep initial learning curve. The basic unit is the complete shot. To shoot an arrow safely and with control, all the skills must be learned at the beginning. You can't practice part of a shot and shoot an arrow!

For recurve archers, The Archery Program teaches the National Training System (NTS) technique, the shooting method used by top international competitors. The elements the NTS that apply are also taught for compound. The NTS has its foundation in ancient traditional technique where archers shot over 100 pound bows, so it is taught there, too.


  Get Started Right

Try it first  For those who  have never shot, the One-Time Introduction allows you to either see what shooting is like, or to assess the interest of a child. In a small group with 2 instructors, there is some basic instruction, then each instructor works with one person as he/she shoots. So, for an hour and a half, you can have some experience of what shooting is like, and what instruction is like. Equipment is provided. A One-Time Introduction makes a great gift.

General One-Time Introductions are regularly scheduled. The dates are listed on the registration form by month.



Gift Certificates are also available.  For groups (Scouts, birthday parties, etc.) Private Introductions are possible.  Contact The Archery Program directly for information.

Equipment: Equipment is provided for the Introductions. The Archery Program uses really light-weight equipment at the beginning, which is critical for learning properly. This saves the cost of investing in equipment right away, particularly for youth.